Italian Art Director & Visual Communications Specialist currently living in Krakow. I have been working for over 10 years, in Italy and Spain, experienced in international companies and enviroments, accostumed to work simultaneously on several projects under pressure, finding in what I do, the right balance between “poetry and merchandise”. I’m curious, I find inspiration everywhere, I like to see things in different ways, I am interested in new ideas, job opportunities, and challenges.

Passionate About Visual & Musical Languages  

 Keen Eye for Detail 


 Simplifying Complex Ideas 

Artistic, Visual & Aesthetic Sense 

 Open-Minded & Friendly 

Learn & Grow  Fast 


E.A.P. (Education Always in Progress): SEO | Social Media | Web Marketing | UI/UX Design | Technology | Coolhunting | Psychology |


  • Georgetown University – Washington D.C. Photography selected and published  in the book “Piazza” – 2014 Editorial: Heinle – 40.000 (Circulation)
  • Art Expó “Realidad – Ficción  National Competition: Instituto Alicantino de Cultura “Juan Gil-Albert” Exhibition of my three digital works created on the subject “Reality/Fiction”.
  • Pagine Bianche D’autore – Seat National Competition Honorable Mention Artists and Publication of my work “Prospettiva Instabile” created on “Happiness. itineraries, dreams, utopias on the idea of ​​happiness in our postmodern era.” 660,000 (Circulation)
  • Nastro Azzurro – Mad ART National Contest “Mad Art | Nastro Azzurro | 2005″ Prize and exhibition in Rome and Milan to create an advertising video to promote the image of beer Nastro Azzurro.

WHAT I OFFER? Good Ideas, Professionalism, Quality, Reliability

LOOKING FOR WHAT? Cool Projects, Growth, Professionalism and Feeling

If you are interested in working with me, do not hesitate to contact for; Info, Employment or Indecent Proposals! :-)

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